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CD Releases
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Ol'Cheeky Bastards-Bag O'Tricks
Ol' Cheeky Bastards!
"Bag o' Tricks" CD
VR8707 (2008)
"Sacrelicious" CD
VR2338 (2008)
Howlin' Houndog-Loud&Live
Howlin' Houndog
"Loud & Live (in the studio)" CD
VR5512 (2008)
Howlin' Houndog & Infamous Loosers CD
Howlin' Houndog
"Infamous LoosersCD
VR8812 (2006)
WAD-TailsFromShortBus CD
"Tails From the Short Bus" CD
VR1313 (2006)

24 Hour Church of Beer
"The Incredible Impoliteness of Being" CD
VR2337 (2006)
Bastards CD
The Bastards of Jazz
"Bastardos!" CD
VR1313 (2005)
The Goats CD
The Goats
"The Goats" CD
VR3333 (2005)
The Boss Martians LIVE
Almost OOP!
The Boss Martians
"Invasion of the LIVE.." CD
VR1963 (1998)
Sick & Wrong
The Punk Classic!
Sick & Wrong
"Hot Beef Injection" CD
VR6969 (1996)
The Queen Annes - Mire CD
The Queen Annes
"The Mire" CD
VR7997 (1997)
The Queen Annes - Revenge CD
The Queen Annes
VR/QA799 (1999)
The Blue Faces
Blue Faces
"In the Days of the Lightbulb on the Wall" CD
VR7734 (1995)
Doug Savercool
Doug Savercool
"Weird Poetry" CD
VR2665 (1995)
Eye of the Needle Compilation V/A
"Eye of the Needle" CD
VR2828 (1991)
Karmageddon Karmageddon
"Emergency Prozac Run" CD
VR3105 (1999)
The Long Faces
Plus, Bonus Cuts!
A Honky-Tonk Classic!
The Long Faces
"Why?" CD
FST1245-1 LF (2000)
Erik 4-A, Heatrip
Early Recordings!
Erik 4-A
"Headtrip" CD
VR1234 (2000)
The Long Faces
Electric Orchid
"Incarnate" E.P. CD
Neem Cover
Bonus Cuts!
"A Frog with Wings"

Vinyl LP's / EP's / Singles

  • NOW OUT OF PRINT!! THE SURREALISTS "Where's Dada?" E.P. (beat/byrds-influenced pop and roll) 12" EP / LP
    NEWS: LP's are all SOLD OUT, but we still have the following EP left in stock

  • WILLARD (Green Gel Records) E.P. $4.00 (LOUD beer drenched rawk PRE Road Runner Records days!) ORDER ONLY 50 Left!!!

    7" EP's
  • SORRY, ALSO NOW OUT OF PRINT!! ANGELSPIT "Speculation / New Age Parade / Dogs of Class Warfare" E.P. (killer TRASHY gutter-punk)

    7" Singles
  • NOW OUT OF PRINT!!MONKEY BUSINESS "Mistakes / Keep on Walking" (Roustabout Records) $1.00 (soulful SKA)Out of Print!!!
  • NOW OUT OF PRINT!!JOHN THE BAPTIST "Supermarket Graveyard / Alexander Rabbit" (Greeen Gel Records) $1.00 (psyched out garage) Out of Print!
  • THE SAPIENS "Sister Corrosion / Yer Black Window" (Green Gel Records) $1.00 (garage goo) ORDER
  • NEEM "Blues from Venus / Medication" $1.00 (East meets West Fusion-Rock!) ORDER

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