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Vagrant Records


Internet Radio
KTUH Honalulu Hawaii
KKCR Ohana Hawaii
KBCS Bellevue Wa.
RainyDawg Radio Hear your favorite Local Music on the UW's new station!!!
Shockwave Radio TheaterJoin David E. Romm for his interesting on-line Dramas
Green River Community College Radio
KAOS Olympia Washington
KPSU Portland Oregon
CITR Vancouver B.C.
CFUR Prince Rupert B.C.
KDHX St. Louis Mo.
WXDU Durham NC
4ZZZFM Australia
Belly Up 4 Blues
Garage Hangover
Radio Locator Find radio stations worldwide!

Disheveled Magazine On-line
Tape Op Magazine
Ugly Things Mike Stax hope for Garage & Retro Rock and The Pretty Things!
No Depression One of the Coolest Indi Music Mags around!!!
Discorder Magazine
Slug Magazine
Punk eZine
Pop Lust Magazine
Bluesletter/Washington Blues Society
Manchester Music
Brainwashed Magazine
Performer Magazine
Mesh Magazine
Fran Magazine
Chew On This Magazine
Sleazgrinder! Kings of Trash-Rock Culture!
Smashing Transistors MagazineMichigan's Center for Garage & Trash Rock Info!

Local Seattle/NW Venues
The Hi-Dive
The Showbox
The Funhouse
The Sunset Tavern
The Tractor Tavern
JewelBox Theater/Rendezvous
The Lo-Fi
The Skylark Club"
Bellingham Wa.
Nightlight Lounge
The Fairhaven Pub
Portland & Eugene Or.
Ash St. Saloon
Sabala's Mt. Tabor Pub
Tonic Lounge
WOW Hall (Eugene)
Elsewhere Manette Saloon
Austin Showlist
Bucknell University
The Dirty Water Club

Billie Burke Estate
Jon Auer
Peter Oliva
The Washington SquaresThe Most Influential Band I have ever seen!!
The Haggis Brothers Foot Stompin', Honky-Tonkin', Irish/Scottish, Drinkin' & Dancin' Music!
The Landlord Tenant Act
Stefanie Lee & Norhtern Lights
(the real) Pat Johnson
Penelope Houston
Laura Love
Terry Lee Hale
Jim Page
The Drews
Porter Harp
Reggie Garrett
Jeff Geisinger DrummerFor Hire
James DeJoie
The Bloodclots!
Wad ROCKs!
Stone Crazy Blues Band
The Plaintiffs The latest band from NW Rock Ledgend Joey Kline!
Penelope Houston & The Avengers
Dead Moon
The Boss Martians
Sexy American Girlfiend
The Primate 5!
Ape City R&B
The Mexican Blackbirds
The Dirty Birds
The All American Playboys
Southern Culture On The Skids
The Soul Proprietors
Micheal Williams Band
Felicia Loud & The Soul
Paula Maya
Patrick Haggerty
Lisa Rein
Buddha Betties
Micheal WellsWebsite of the Walkabout's Bassplayer!
Polkacide! The name says it all!!
The Bloodfarmers
Cousin Basil
Noise/Experimental/Avante Garde
The Downtown Apostles
Orkestar Zirkonium
Doug Savercool Just Erected!!!
Amy Denio
Marc Smason
Degenerate Art Ensemble
Tribattery Pops
Infamous Menagerie New Lost Tracks Discovered!
The Arid Sea
Vector Trio*Featuring composer (and distant relative) Scott Forrey*
Ken Field
Paul Rubenstein
Eyes Like Mars
Lothar & The Hand People!
Girl Trouble T-town's Ambassadors of Fun!!
Kenny Howes & The Yeah!
The Woggles
The Fall-Outs Still being grumpy after 20 years!
Crypt Kicker 5
Django Twango
The Daily Flash (official)
The Daily Flash2/Rhinoceros
The Walkabouts
Down With People Ron Nine's latest creation since Love Battery!
The Green Pajamas
The Casual Plaids
Tonto & The Renegades Michigan's Rockin'-est Band of the 60's!
The Monks
The Sonics!
The Bards
The Misunderstood
The Electric Prunes
Pacific NW Band Histories
The Yardbirds 1
The Yardbirds 2Lots of Cool Photos!
The Yardbirds 3The Official Website!
Keith Relf A tribute to the Yardbirds fallen lead singer
The Mighty Hanibal
Fortune & Maltese baby!
The Mummies!
The Pandoras
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (unofficial site)
The Optic Nerve
The Who Dot Net
The Relay (a Who tribute band)
Blues Brothers Central

Go-Kustom Records Kustom Kultur for a Krass Kommunity (and great Komps too!)
Chuckie Boy Records
Un-Labeled Records
Career Records
Hipsync Records
Unit Circle
Buttermilk Records
Green Monkey Records
Get Hip Records
Camera Obscura Records
Double Crown Records
Screaming Apple Records
Misty Lane/Teen Sounds Records
Rockin' Bones Records Italy's King of Teen Trash!
Rubric Records
MuSick Recordings
Dionysus Records
Hillsdale Records
Bloodred Vinyl & Discs
VMS Records
Ken Rock RecordsGarage Rock from Sweden!
Torpedo Records
Bancroft Records
Detour Records
Norton Records

Good Friends
Technology Sales/Services
Soldano AmpsGuitar amps that ROCK!!
Rick Chinn
The Wright-Sound Company Hand built tube Hi-Fi Amps
Tidepool Audio
Rainbo RecordsFor all your vinyl duplication needs!
Arrowdisc CD Replication
Production Services
Hanszek A/V
Full Track Productions
Curt Cassingham
Simon Grant/ArtsLab
Jack Endino
Keith Henry
Seattle Disc Mastering
Master Works
Pro-tape Northwest
Graphic Artists
Johnny Bartlett
Amy Halligan Photographer
Pat Moriarity
Shary Flenniken
Peter Bagge (unofficial website)
Jim Blanchard
Donna Barr
Den Preston
Performance Artists/Services
Governess Films Makers of fine Independent Films!
Mighty Rob Hursh & 29 Live!
Seattle Parties
The Jet City ImprovLive Comedy and Films!
Frank Harlan (AKA Bill Bored) Northwest Rock Video Pioneer and Creator Bombshelter Videos TV show!!
Purple Cactus TV Home to Tim Gassen and his Pychedelicatessen of Sight & Sound!
Other Services and Interests
Atlantic Street Pizza!
Lauren AgnelliTotal Renaisance Gal! (Musician, Writer, Teacher)
Michael Busick Cool info on movies and the Seattle Mariners
Mac's Farm Ohio's Place for Cool Art and Organicly Grown Food!
Ken Zick's Poetaster Salad Page!
Earthcaft Services
Sonic Boom Records
Easy Street Records

Various Other Sites We Dig
Lysergia.com Visit Patrick the Lama in Lamaland!
The Manchester Music Scene
Every Bad Band Name EVER!!!Find your Worst NIGHTMARE!!
The Stax Pages Everything you need to know about Stax Records
Help!A tribute to one of the best Beatles films EVER!
Wingnutt ToonsGet Tooned In!!!
Hokey Smoke! The Rocky & Bulwinkle Show
I Love Get Smart!KAOS agents of the world UNITE!
Bad Movie PlanetEvery Bad Film EVER!!!
More Bad Movies!
The Avengers, Forever! For that M-Appeal!
Peter Cook Appreciation Society
60s Retro/Mod/Pop Culture
Uppers.org Its a mod,Mod,MOD world!! You must keep up.
Mod Culture On-line
Mods & Rockers
Sixties City
Musical Instruments
Phil's Guitars
Emerald City Guitars
Bass Northwest
Gretch Guitars
BB Organs Decent Hammond organ and Leslie Sales & Repairs!
Dom's Music-In site An Australian Hammond worshipers website!
The Ampex List For info on Ampex tape recorders!
Combo Organ Dot Com
The Vox Showroom
Vox Amps
Bjorn Ericsson's Rickenbacker Guitar Page
The Beatles Guitars Page!
Signal to Noise Magazine
Home Recording Tips
Northwest Studio Search Engine
Ray Kurzweil
Nardwuar, the Human Serviette!
The Harry Fox Agency This is where to go for mechanical licences and fees.
NOTE:They have downloadable forms, but you must have Adobe Acrobat to open and/or print these Forms.
Download U.S. Copyright Forms
NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat to open and/or print these Forms.
Sonic Bids On-line Booking

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