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Now featuring 2"-16/24 Track Recording!


Equipment List

Here is some of the primary equipment we offer. If there's something you require that you don't see on this list please contact us (206) 525-0628 (email unavialable at this time) and we'll make arrangements to get a hold of it for your session.

Tape Machines
  • Otari MTR-90 MKII 2" 16/24-track - NEW
  • Tascam MS16 1" 16-track
  • Otari MX5050II 1/2" 8-track

  • Mix Down Decks
  • NEW!! M Audio "Flying Cow" 24 bit A to D converter with Mac G3 with Pro-Tools LE & Firewire drive.
  • 2 Tascam DA30 DAT Machines
  • Tascam DA302 DAT Machine
  • Tascam RW5000 CDR Burner
  • Early 1960's Ampex 350 1/4" All-Tube Analog Mixdown Deck (LOUD!)
  • Electrosound ES 505 1/4" half-track Analog Mixdown deck

  • Console Info
  • Harrison MR-4 48 channel console (formerly owned By WWF!)

  • Outboard Equipment- (partial listing only)
  • NEW!! Manley Labs Dual Mono tube mic pre
  • NEW!! 2 Langevin Dual Mono mic pres (with EQ!)
  • HHB "Radius 10" 4 Channel Tube Mic Pre
  • Avalon 737sp Tube Mic Pre/Compressor/EQ
  • 1 Stereo Pair (original) UREI LA-4 compressors
  • Presonus VXP Mic Pre/Vocal Processor
  • 2 Symetrix CL150's
  • Symetrix 525 Compressor/Expander
  • Symetrix 522 Stereo Compressor/Expander/Gate/Ducker
  • 3 DBX 166 Compressor/Expanders
  • Rane DC 24 Compressor/Expanders (multiple)
  • Rane PE 15 Parametric EQs (multiple)
  • Rane SP 15 Parametric EQs (multiple)
  • 3 Yamaha SPX 90 FX Processor
  • Yamaha SPX 900 FX Processor
  • Alesis Midiverb IV Processor
  • 2 DBX 1066 Stereo Compressor
  • DBX 266 Stereo Compressor
  • Gatex 4 channel gate/expander
  • Beringer Intelligate
  • Beringer Composer Pro Comp/Gate/Exp (multiple)
  • BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
  • Lexicon PCM 80 Multi FX Unit
  • Audio Control SA3050 Spectrum Analizer

  • Mics - (partial listing)
  • AKG 414b ULS
  • AKG D12 & D112 Kick Drum Mics (multiple)
  • PPA LD2UBE large diaphragm tube condenser mics
  • ADK A51s Condenser (have 2 in house)
  • Stereo Pair Earthworks TK30k (for Reverb chamber)
  • Shure SM57 (multiple)
  • Shure SM56
  • Shure SM58 (multiple)
  • Audix OM5 (multiple)
  • Sennheiser 421 (multiple)
  • Sennheiser 441
  • 2 Audio Technica Pro 37
  • Audio Technica M25
  • Audio Technica M125

  • Backline Equipment
  • 1967 Ludwig "Psychedelic Red" 4 peice drumset (Classic!)
  • 1959 Hammond C-3 Organ and Leslie 51 Combo (Great for Gospel, Soul, Blues, etc...)
  • Farfisa Profesional Keboard (once owned by the Young Fresh Fellows!)
  • Fender Rhodes Bass Keyboards (just like The Doors, or The Seeds!)
  • Various Analog Synths (MOOG Music MicroMoog, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Whirlitzer, etc...)
  • Ensonic Digital Keyboard (Midi Compatible)
  • 1920's Cable & Nelson Upright Piano (Great for Honky-Tonk & Ragtime!)
  • 1976/7 Fender Twin Reverb Amp (master volume, 100 watts)
  • Fender Reverb Unit (for that classic Surf-Rock sound!)
  • Vox AC30 Guitar Amp (for that classic British Invasion sound!)
  • Early Model Silvertone "Tweed" 2x10 amp (25 watts)
  • Ampeg VT-22 amp (100 watts, clean!)
  • Ampeg SVT Bass Amp with 2x10 top (Randall cab) and 1x15 bottom (Peavy Black Widow)
  • Carvin 4x12 Cab (8/16 Ohms)

  • Remember, if there's something you need that you don't see here, please contact us about making arrangements to get a hold of it. (206) 525-0628

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